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Unstoppable: Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

—Let it Guide Your Way

What’s stopping your from being totally f***ing brilliant?

What’s keeping you from achieving the success you crave?

Discover your

Flash of Brilliance

If you’re not feeling as brilliant as you truly are, it’s because you’re weighted down by pieces that don’t belong. You’re like a gorgeous figure living inside a piece of marble. Michelangelo said that his genius was simply seeing the figure inside the marble and chipping off the pieces that didn’t belong.


My genius is seeing the real you—your gifts, your true potential

. . . and what’s keeping you from being totally brilliant.

When you work with me, I point out the pieces of marble that are keeping you stuck—pieces such as fear, playing a role that’s not really you, energetic walls of defense, trying to be someone you’re not, feeling like a victim, shame and numbness, blocked passion.

Like a medical intuitive scans you psychically to identify physical and emotional dis-ease in your body, I use my lightning bolt skills as an intuitive and empath to identify mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that keep you from living up to your true potential, from experiencing the success you crave.

That lightning bolt energy is going to identify your blocks quickly AND start to crack them away. You get illumination and enlightenment in a flash.

You’ve been looking for an obvious answer, a flash of insight, hoping for a clear sign.

This is it—marble-cracking, earth-shattering, soul-quaking, mind-blowing answers to your deepest questions:

Who am I? • What do I want? • How do I get it?

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