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What dream have you been ignoring, under the rationalization of being too old, too young, or too busy?

What’s keeping you from writing that book, starting that business, applying for that dream job or ditching everything to travel the world . . . or live on a beach?

What has to happen for you to be true to yourself and live life on your own terms?


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

-Chinese Proverb

It is never too late to change directions, blaze a new trail, follow your dream, or change your game.

I got into coaching after my father killed himself in 2008. He died with a dream still inside him. He never expressed his True Genius. He made excuses and gave into fear.

And I saw that fear can be fatal. Literally.

Going through life, playing it safe, meeting expectations, doing what you’re “supposed” to do, being who you’re “supposed” to be . . . it’s a zombie life, a half life.

My father’s suicide woke me up and motivated me to go into coaching, so I could wake my clients up to their True Genius, inspire them to follow their dreams, and arm them with the confidence and the tools to be true to themselves, no matter what.

It’s time to stop denying your True Genius, numbing your passions, and ignoring your higher calling.

It’s time to stop living someone else’s dream, following someone else’s rules, and playing someone else’s game.

It’s your life, your dream.

It's time to write your own rules and play your own game.

Are you ready?

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As a professional speaker, Kelly conducts workshops, conference breakout sessions, and keynote addresses. You'll also find her doing webinars, online interviews, and teleclasses. Her main topics are about fear ("Get the Fear Out of Here" — facing it, challenging it and releasing it) and True Genius ("Unleash the Animal Within" — finding, owning and expressing your innate gifts).

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Kelly uses shamanic coaching and innovation consulting to guide high-achieving individuals and organizations in releasing fear and accessing their True Genius. For individuals, this means unburying your unique gifts, lessons, and passion. For organizations, this means connecting with the soul of your business and coaching your people to work as a high-performing team.

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Once a visual artist (painter, sculptor, and filmmaker), Kelly now channels her creativity through through writing and speaking. Her books, articles, videos and digital programs focus on becoming more human and more fully your Self by connecting with nature, desire, animal archetypes, and your own innate wisdom.

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What Clients Say

“Kelly helped me discover my own spirit animal and delve into what that meant for me, both personally and in relation to my business. It was an enlightening experience that I’d recommend to anyone who is open to getting clearer about their business in a slightly unconventional way!”
Terri Zwierzynski,
“I really enjoyed discovering and learning from my spirit animal. I had never broached into this realm of thought before and it was very exciting to do so with Kelly. She explained it well and offered lots of support. I wondered if I really would do it, the support and tools Kelly offered helped a lot.”
Becky Sanchez, Co-Founder of Keystone Montessori
“One of the best things I ever did for myself as a business owner was to go to Kelly Eckert for coaching. Kelly helped me to see that my energy and enthusiasm are not liabilities, but assets. And if some prospects have problems dealing with that, then I probably can’t help them anyway.”
Mary Ecsedy, Circuit Riders LLC
“The effect that just the first class had on me was profound and magical. I was deeply affected by the knowledge of having a spiritual connecting with a soul that wants only the highest and best for me. Being able to interact with like-minded women was an extra bonus.”
Beth Caldwell, Beth Caldwell Publicity and Pittsburgh Professional Women
“I got so much out of Kelly’s Branding with Spirit Animals! Taking Branding with Spirit Animals had me identify what was missing and create the additional necessary pieces needed. And, the proof is in pudding. Almost immediately following the class, my pipeline began to fill. Thank you Kelly!!”
Suzanne Ferguson,

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