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The time has come to answer the call of your wild self, where your truest yearnings find their natural expression and your innate potential is waiting to be liberated.

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As a bio-spiritual mentor/coach, my aim is to inspire you to be fully known to yourself. By engaging in practical yet powerful tools, such as Coaching with Animal Archetypes, Discover Your Path of Power, and Metamorphosis: Shape / Shift Your Life, you will enter a transformative process like none other. It will refocus your perspective, spotlight your gifts and give you the courage to reclaim your power.

What is bio-spiritual mentor/coaching? 

In my professional role, it’s a potent healing modality that draws upon the intelligence and wisdom of both the animal world and your own inner wisdom. As you embrace the attributes of your own power animal, it will lead the way to a clearer vision of who you are. The focus is on the restoration of personal power.

This journeying process is profound, life changing, and a whole lot of fun. Ready to get set and go wild? Click here to learn more and to download a free guided journey.


Journey into the realm where your personal spirit animal comes alive and is ready to greet you. In this downloadable mp3 journey, you will be guided to discover one or more of your spirit animals. Includes a PDF guide describing the attributes of more than 200 spirit animals. FREE


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Programs and courses to help you tap into your inner wisdom and reveal your own truth. Work with Kelly in 1:1 programs, 8-week courses, or yearlong transformative groups.

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Book, cards, video, and audio to help you reconnect with your wild self—and let it be seen.

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