After Meeting Your Spirit Animal

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If you’ve already met your spirit animal(s), this is a great place to get ideas on what to do next. If you haven’t met your spirit animal(s) yet, click below to download my free guided journey to get started.

There are so many ways you can benefit from working with your spirit animal.

As a reminder, your spirit animal is an animal archetype who has chosen to work with you—maybe for your whole life or maybe just for now. Your spirit animal brings with it unique archetypal gifts, challenges and magic (what happens when you really own the gifts) that can help you in literally any area of your life.

Some very specific ways you can use your spirit animal include:

  1. Focus on the archetypal gifts of your spirit animal and infuse them in every area of your life.
  2. Do a meditation/journey to ask your spirit animal a question. You’ll get specific, personalized messages that way that you can then integrate with the archetypal gifts.
  3. Use an animal oracle card deck in a similar way you would use a Tarot deck. Ask a question and pull a card. Then use the gifts of that spirit animal to inform your decisions.

Here are a few examples of using the archetypal gifts and meditating to ask a question.

Making Business Decisions

One of my students was coming to the end of a training course she was taking for her business. She had originally planned on using the materials on her own clients. But, as she approached the end, she was feeling uneasy and restless.

She was dragging her feet completing her assignments and at the same time pushing herself to stay caught up. I asked her to meditate on the gifts of her spirit animal and see if that helped her get some clarity. Her spirit animal is Cougar (Mountain Lion), which in part symbolizes leading without worrying about people following you. In other words, Cougar is about the kind of leadership that blazes its own trail. This student realized that Cougar was telling her that she would do better and be happier if she did her own thing, blazed her own trail. She had a fear of missing out on using what she had been learning. But had a stronger, deeper desire to innovate her own programs. With Cougar’s help, she made the easy decision not to use what she had been learning and to focus instead on her own work.

Making a Career Change

Another student had been contemplating applying for a new job, but she was afraid (1) that she wouldn’t find anything she liked and (2) would end up hating her current job even more. Her spirit animal is Otter, whose main archetypal gift is about fun.

She immediately saw that she had to look for a new job—or else do something radical to make her current job more fun. She had been denying her need for fun, her value of having fun. She realized that she had been raised to believe that your job was supposed to be hard work. It was something you slogged through, and fun was reserved for weekends. But her soul was desperate to infuse fun throughout more of her life. That’s why Otter came to work with her. She did start looking for a new job and also took steps to make her current more fun in the meantime.

Improving Relationships

A student wanted help with improving her relationship with her husband. She felt that they were having communication issues. What she came to see was that she was the one having the communication issues in that she just wasn’t communicating her true needs and wants to her husband.

This student’s spirit animal is Fox, who brings the gifts of adaptability and the ability to “speak many languages.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that Fox people can speak English and French and Russian and Korean. It really means that Fox people can listen in a way to understand and speak in a way to be understood. They can alter their way of communicating so that a variety of people can understand them and feel understood. This student realized that this was indeed a gift she had. She just hadn’t been owning or practicing it for a while. So we talked about how she could use Fox medicine to communicate in a way that her husband would hear and understand her, not feel threatened, blamed or defensive. She let go of her impatience to hurry up and have the conservation and spent a few days communing with spirit animal Fox. When she finally had the conversation with her husband, it went very well and sparked ongoing improved communication between them both.

Crafting a Branding Message

A student in my Branding with Spirit Animals™ course was feeling confused about both her ideal client and her marketing message. She kept circling around, never quite landing on either.

Her spirit animal (for her business) is Eagle, whose gifts include vision and connection with Spirit. The first thing I had her do was (metaphorically) travel with Eagle up into the sky and look back at her business from that perspective. She had been trying to be more like Mouse, whose gifts include scrutiny and paying attention to the tiny details. Inappropriately using Mouse energy, she couldn’t see the forest for the trees. She had lost the vision that Eagle provides. When she took to the skies and circled around from the perspective of Eagle, she could see more clearly who her ideal client really was. She did a meditation to ask Eagle about her marketing message, and Eagle emphasized its gift of connecting to Spirit. She landed on the idea that her ideal client was looking for her help in reconnecting to themselves, their True Selves.

Being a Wiser, More Compassionate Parent

Knowing your own spirit animal and that of your children can be hugely helpful in parenting. My son has Owl as one of his spirit animals. That helps me understand his need to spend extra time concentrating on a subject to acquire more wisdom. It also helps me understand his practice of constantly seeking the Truth–at times a truth that other people aren’t ready for. On the shadow side, it also helps me have patience when he falls into a bit of arrogance about the wisdom he’s acquired. One of my daughters has Goat as a spirit animal. This has been massively helpful in giving me more patience concerning her strong need for independence (never following the family herd) and determination (to do her own thing). On the shadow side, it also helps me have compassionate about her stubborn streak.