Spirit Animal Ant

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GIFTS: Unexpected strength. Teamwork. The magic of sharing a common goal. The power of numbers. Cooperation. Honoring individual contributions to the greater good.

CHALLENGES: Getting lost in the crowd. Single-minded focus that resists change. A stubborn perseverance that won’t let go, even when it’s time.

spirit animal ant

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Spirit Animal Ant recognizes the oneness of all things, all beings and symbolizes not only power in numbers, but also the compounding effects of one and one and one. . . . Ant teaches the magic that comes from sharing a common goal and working for the higher good.

Physical ants live in colonies in which each individual serves a single, essential purpose. Every individual is needed, and every individual contributes to the greater good of the whole. We may mistakenly think of ants as mindless drones, giving up their individuality and their agency. In reality, ants do not give up their individuality; they dedicate it to the greater good of the unified whole. You may feel that Ant requires that you give up yourself, your uniqueness, your individuality. But Ant actually teaches honoring each individual, as the collective is nothing without the individual members.

Ant’s gift is not blindly following a crowd. It is the gift of finding common ground, inspiring a higher ideal, showing patience with those who do not yet see, and persevering through whatever obstacles and challenges may land on your path.

You can look to Ant as an example of truly living your purpose—not for self-serving reasons, but in service of the whole. Ant does not sacrifice itself (as in, giving up its own needs and desires), but rather dedicates itself to the continued existence and thriving of the community. Let Ant help you identify your gifts and strengths that you can hone in service of the greater good.

When I was growing up, I listened to Adam and the Ants all the time. All the time. As I reread what I wrote here about Ant medicine, I can’t help thinking about Antmusic. 😉 “Throw your safety overboard/And join our insect nation.” Achieving a higher ideal requires the power of many. You can stand out and be yourself within a group that’s working together for the greater good.

Adam Ant sings in “Prince Charming,” “Ridicule is nothing to be scared of.” Being unified in conscience, ground and goal does not require losing your Self. It does not require giving up your individuality to fit into the group. You can find that harmony of standing out while still fitting in.