Spirit Animal Armadillo

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GIFTS: Boundaries. Recognizing your vulnerabilities. Empathy. Groundedness.

CHALLENGES: Hiding your vulnerabilities. Lack of intimacy. Lack of empathy. Impenetrable boundaries.

spirit animal armadillo

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Spirit Animal Armadillo is a powerful ally if you have weak boundaries, as Armadillo offers the gift of strong boundaries and wisely protecting yourself. When you have a difficult time filtering other people’s needs and emotions, taking them on as your own, Armadillo can guide you toward strengthening your boundaries—or creating them to begin with. It is not your responsibility to carry the emotional baggage of the people around you. If that’s what you’re doing, you may be highly empathic and sensitive, finding yourself randomly upset or out of sorts for no apparent reason. The reason is that you’re picking up what other people are feeling and projecting.

Spirit Animal Armadillo’s boundaries are excellent for releasing the fear of being worthless. This fear often expresses itself as martyrdom and victimization. If you don’t feel worth fighting for, then you have a difficult time saying “no” to people. You end up losing yourself by saying “yes” to every request that comes your way. Armadillo will help you establish powerful boundaries that enable you to empower and maintain your Self.

Armadillo‘s wise self-protection is useful for the fear of vulnerability. You do not have to expose your vulnerabilities (your soft underbelly) all the time to everyone. You find strength in your vulnerability by knowing when to protect yourself and when to open yourself up. Armadillo can relax into its vulnerability because it knows it can curl up into its protective shell when a real threat comes along.

Establish your boundaries and self-protection before you really need them. Then you can relax in the zen of your own self-worth and true strength.

Armadillo brings you a sense of grounding—firm footing on the recognition of true self. The search for Self can lead to head-in-the-clouds flightiness, floating in the unknown. Armadillo reminds you to hold onto your roots and keep your feet on the ground.