Spirit Animal Badger

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GIFTS: Self-expression. Self-reliance. Fearlessness. Relentless pursuit of what you want, what you desire. Perseverance. Digging deep and uncovering what’s below the surface. Aggression. Ferocity. Speaking your mind. Standing your ground. Fighting for what you believe in.

CHALLENGES: Too much aggression. Lack of empathy. Refusing assistance. Rejecting the authority of others.

spirit animal badger

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When you think of Badger, you probably readily think “fierce” and “fearless.” Physical badgers are known for their aggressiveness, even in fighting off tough predators, such as wolvesbears, and packs of dogs. In North America, badgers may be hunted by coyotes, they may hunt coyotes themselves, and they may hunt with coyotes. Badger doesn’t let threats or competition stop it from getting what it wants. The lesson for you is to fight for what you want, defend what’s yours, and join forces with the competition when strategically beneficial. Size matters less than attitude and intention. Badger does not back down. If you really want it, go for it—no matter what.

Physical badgers live in burrows called setts. Setts vary in size from small and simple to large and elaborate, depending on how many badgers inhabit the same sett. If you have Badger as a spirit animal, the lesson for you is not to literally live underground, but rather to dig deep and uncover what’s below the surface. Do not try to be satisfied with a superficial life. The good stuff is in the dirt—and requires that you dig it up.

With Badger as your spirit animal, you can make yourself at home in the dirt. Metaphorically speaking, you can harness this power to find safety and refuge in the dirt. Most people avoid digging in the dirt—exploring their deeper desires and emotions (think Peter Gabriel’s hit song, “Digging in the Dirt”). It’s dark and scary when you don’t know what you’ll find there, and sometimes even when you do.

Spirit Animal Badger teaches self-expression and self-reliance.

Spirit Animal Badger readily speaks up for what it wants and what it is (and is not) willing to do. Use Badger energy when your voice is blocked.

If your primary fear is the fear of being worthless, Badger can be very helpful in reminding you that you are worth fighting for. You are worth fighting for yourself.

While Badger has no hesitation to speak up and fight for itself, it is concerned with the effects of that self-expression. In other words, Badger is not without compassion. Badger does care about other people. But Badger is able to stand in its own personal power and self-worth.

Badger’s self-reliance makes it a solitary being. If Badger is your power animal, you may find it difficult to fit in with a tribe. This may create some discomfort—and disappointment—for you, but it is not a bad thing. There is power in standing firmly alone. When it is difficult for you to relate to others, have patience with them. The tribe cannot imagine being so confidently solitary.

Badger also brings the gift of healing energy. Physical animal badgers spend lots of time clearing out their dens. Use this gift to clear out your own energetic blocks or to guide other people to clear their blocks.

Ultimately, Badger’s self-expression can come across as aggression. This is not to say that you should necessarily temper the way you express yourself. But you will want to remember that your expression may be interpreted differently from your intention.

Release the fear of vulnerability—the limiting belief that the pain of criticism and ridicule is unbearable—as a way of releasing your voice. Release the fear of inadequacy—the limiting belief that  you are not good enough—to strengthen your voice. And release the fear of being worthless—the limiting belief that you are not of value—to remember that you have a voice worth sharing in the first place. Then growl away!