The Artist is Returned

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In another (metaphorical) life, I was a professional artist under the pseudonym of Ana Kelly. I created paintings, sculptures, installation pieces, and short films. The last piece I created was … Read More

Spirit Animal Quizzes

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Want to find your spirit animal? Can spirit animal quizzes help? If you are on Facebook, you’ve probably seen and taken at least one quiz to discover your spirit animal. I’ve … Read More

Restoring Lost Power

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Restoring lost power—your personal power (not your electricity or charging your iPhone)—is a matter is reconnecting with who you really are, your soul-level gifts, your passions, your desires, the core … Read More

Spirit Animal Alligator

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GIFTS: Patience. Timing. Stealth. Integration of dualities. Primal energy. CHALLENGES: Hiding vulnerabilities. Desire for revenge. “Biting people’s heads off.” When you think of Alligator, you probably picture it lying motionless … Read More

Spirit Animal Ant

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GIFTS: Unexpected strength. Teamwork. The magic of sharing a common goal. The power of numbers. Cooperation. Honoring individual contributions to the greater good. CHALLENGES: Getting lost in the crowd. Single-minded … Read More

Spirit Animal Armadillo

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GIFTS: Boundaries. Recognizing your vulnerabilities. Empathy. Groundedness. CHALLENGES: Hiding your vulnerabilities. Lack of intimacy. Lack of empathy. Impenetrable boundaries. Spirit Animal Armadillo is a powerful ally if you have weak … Read More

Spirit Animal Badger

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GIFTS: Self-expression. Self-reliance. Fearlessness. Relentless pursuit of what you want, what you desire. Perseverance. Digging deep and uncovering what’s below the surface. Aggression. Ferocity. Speaking your mind. Standing your ground. … Read More

Spirit Animal Bat

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GIFTS: Radical change in perspective. Finding your way through the dark. Roosting and hibernating. Clairaudience or clairvoyance. Creativity and propagating creativity. Timing. CHALLENGES: Confusion. Muddled thinking. Flying into obstacles. Being … Read More

Spirit Animal Bear

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GIFTS: Introspection. Hibernation. Strength. Balance of gentleness and ferocity. Standing at your full height. Standing your ground. Speaking up for what you want. Defending what’s yours. Coming out of your … Read More