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What’s Your Spirit Animal
Oracle Cards

What’s your spirit animal—the animal that represents your strengths, your gifts, your perspective and even your challenges? What animal archetype symbolizes your work style, your leadership style, your unique brand? What animal can help you connect with your passion, make better decisions and reclaim your personal power? What’s Your Spirit Animal? Oracle Cards is a deck of 88 animal oracle cards that will help you discover and connect with your personal spirit animals. Use the cards to reveal hidden strengths, to understand your desires, to listen to your inner wisdom.

When you order the cards, you will receive a PDF guide with details on using the cards plus another PDF guide on the archetypal gifts and challenges of the spirit animals. The cards are gorgeously illustrated by Asha Raval and Juliana Stoy of Animal Spirit Design. The deck is a companion to the book What’s Your Spirit Animal? and a tool in the Coaching with Animal Archetypes™ system.

This deck is an absolute must-have. I can’t say enough about how beautiful it is. AMAZING price, too.
These cards don’t lie.