You Don’t Need a Harvard Degree to Write Your Own Ticket

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Harvard degree or no degree at all, you always write your own ticket.

Sadly, my father never realized this truth. If he had, I believe he’d still be here today. You see, my father killed himself because he gave into the misperception that life was happening to him. He had so many regrets about who he could have been and what he could have. Instead of believing that he a choice, he felt overwhelmed by circumstances.

How to avoid client mayhem

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I have a confession. I hate the whole “you have to pick an ideal client” thing. I know, I know. I’ve written about how you can (and should!) pick an ideal client (and a niche). I can coach my clients to pick exactly the perfect ideal client for them. But doing it for myself just sucks.

I don’t want to pick just one “ideal client,” you see. I want to be here for all of you. I want to help anyone who needs my help.

(By the way, you should re-read those last three sentences with a bit of a whiny voice in your head. Because I was definitely whining when I wrote them.)

Eating Chocolate and Kissing Cats—or, What Makes YOU Happy?

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In my coaching business, I don’t offer a done-for-you system for being happy, for getting more clients or for making more money. Even my Fear Releasing Method™ isn’t completely done-for-you. It offers guided meditations and other suggested tools to release fear—but always with the suggestion that you ultimately do what works best for you.