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Divining Wisdom

Using Animal Oracle Cards to Get Deep Insight About Who You Are and Where You’re Going

How would you feel if you had a simple but profound way to access the deep wisdom of your soul?

Would it feel reassuring to know that you have a tool you can use at any time to get accurate and effective insight on any issue or problem?

I’m Kelly Eckert—shamanic coach/mentor and author of What’s Your Spirit Animal? And I’d like to invite to join my online video course called Divining Wisdom.


There are numerous tools you can use to access your intuition. But one of my favorite tools—one that lets you access not just your intuition, but the deep wisdom of your soul—is animal oracle cards.

You may already have a deck—or two, or three! You may own my deck, or someone else’s. I know a lot of people who collect card decks—animal oracle decks and others. But many of them never become really good at using their decks.

I created Divining Wisdom to help you become adept at using animal oracle cards—to get insight into any question or situation . . . and to learn several unique readings that I created.

Here’s what you get in the course:

  • Divining Wisdom is made up of 23 short videos—ranging from a few minutes long to more than 30 minutes long, for a total of 7 hours worth of videos! After 8 introductory videos on the basics of using animal oracle cards, the remaining 15 videos feature one different type of reading per video. Your learning is broken down into manageable chunks. You’ll get access to all 23 videos immediately, so you can pick and choose which readings you’d like to learn first and jump around as you see fit.
  • In addition to the 7 hours worth of videos, you’ll also get a comprehensive pdf guide with all 15 readings. You’ll get instructions on how to do the readings, and you’ll get the write-ups of the example readings that I share in the videos.
  • You’ll also get a pdf guide that contains the gifts and challenges of more than 200 spirit animals. Now, there are 88 spirit animals in my deck, and way fewer than that in other decks out there. But you’ll still get the pdf of more than 200 spirit animals to help you both with the cards and when you spot or encounter spirit animals outside of using the cards.

Divining Wisdom

As a shamanic coach/mentor, I use the cards with my clients and students all the time. I have found them to be an invaluable adjunct to the journeying and coaching work I do with them.

Eight of the readings are of my own design. So, even if you already use tarot cards, color cards, or other animal oracle cards, you’ll be learning brand new readings in this course—including several that you can use with business clients.

I invite you to jump in and start mastering this tool right now! The video course is self-paced. You can start right now and go as quickly or as slowly as you want, practice as much as you need, and come back to the videos as often as you like.

And if you don’t have an animal oracle deck yet, after joining this course, you can order one at a special rate from me inside the course.

Get immediate access for just $47.

See you in the course!