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Fear Releasing Method
Healing Meditations

You’re probably aware of certain superficial fears that sabotage your success, such as the fear of failure, the fear of abundance and the fear of being visible. But did you know that these fears are just disguises—and triggers—for your real fear? They are disguises because they make you think they are what you’re really afraid of. They are triggers because the potential of failure, abundance, being visible and more trigger your real fear to emerge.

The thing is, fear doesn’t always feel scary. Fear manifests in ways that don’t look or feel like fear, such as impatience, self-doubt, jealousy and perfectionism.

If you’re like most people, you probably aren’t aware of how much underlying fear really affects you. But you probably are aware of when you procrastinate, when you try to hide out, when you certain situations, or when you’ll do just about anything for attention. All of these behaviors are ways that fear expresses itself. Being aware of how fear expresses itself in your life is the first essential step to releasing your fear. The next, even more profound step, is to release the fear mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Each meditation in the Fear Releasing Method™ Healing Meditations is based on one of the 7 primary fears. Each meditation works on an energetic level to facilitate releasing fear at your very core.

In just 20 minutes a day, you will experience an immediate and lasting release of tension, worry and fear. Each day that you listen to a meditation magnifies the deepening of the release. Regular use of the meditations—an easy 20 minutes a day—can facilitate a greater sense of Self, more ease and peace, and an increase in focus and creativity.

Think you can’t meditate? The problem most people have with meditation is they think they’re “doing it wrong” when their mind starts to wander. Let me tell you, your mind is going to wander, and that’s OK. Even if you’ve never been able to meditate before, I promise you will be able to meditate with the Fear Releasing Method™ Healing Meditations. Since I’ll be guiding you through the meditations, you’ll be able to focus on my voice much of the time. When I go silent to let you go inward, you can focus on the music or the mantra I give you. You cannot fail at using the Healing Meditations!

And if you’re already a master meditator, you know how important it is to adjust your meditation routine over time. You can use the Fear Releasing Method™ Healing Meditations as an adjunct to your regular routine, to switch things up with a new routine or even to use for acute fear-releasing issues. The bottom line is both beginning and advanced meditators will benefit from the Fear Releasing Method™ Healing Meditations.

What’s included in the Fear Releasing Method Healing Meditations?

  • Connector.

    7 healing meditations

    one for each of the 7 primary fears that is designed specifically to release that fear

  • Connector.

    two introductory recordings

    to explain the 7 primary fears and the hand positions you’ll use in the healing meditations

  • Connector.

    1 BONUS meditation

    called Reconnecting with Source to help you more powerfully connect with Source/Universal Energy

  • Connector.

    a pdf guide to the 7 primary fears

    to help you identify your main primary fear (or two)

As soon as you complete your purchase, you will have instant access to download all 8 meditations, the Intro and the pdf guide to the 7 primary fears.

Transform limiting beliefs

The Fear Releasing Method™ Healing Meditations guide you to deep relaxation. In this calm, meditative state, you will transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs, and your brain will be in a state to more readily accept this new imprinting.

Kelly Eckert Niagara FallsIf you’ve tried unsuccessfully to use affirmations or mantras in the past, you’ll love how effective the Fear Releasing Method™ Healing Meditations are at imprinting new empowering beliefs. The problem with most positive thinking and affirmations is that your logical brain doesn’t buy them. The inner critic rejects most affirmations as wishful thinking.

What makes the Fear Releasing Method™ Healing Meditations different is that they use more than mantras and music. They start by priming your brain and circumventing the inner critic. They strengthen your natural connection to Soul and Source and magnify the flow of Source Energy. This connection to Source Energy facilitates the imprinting of empowering beliefs at the mental, emotional and physical levels. You actually feel the release of fear in your body. You feel the power of your empowering beliefs radiating from your very core.

What are the 7 primary fears?

The 7 primary fears are the fears you picked up in childhood or adolescence. They color how you view yourself and the world. They create underlying needs and limiting beliefs. Your fears are true for you, but they are NEVER an accurate reflection of who you really are.

The 7 primary fears are:

  • the fear of inadequacy (not being good enough)
  • the fear of losing control (feeling flawed)
  • the fear of being worthless (not being valued)
  • the fear of change (not being prepared for change)
  • the fear of lack or want (not having enough)
  • the fear of vulnerability (being judged, criticized or ridiculed)
  • the fear of missing out (the sense that the grass is always greener in some other place or some other time)

The primary fears usually don’t feel like fear. You don’t necessarily feel afraid. Instead, the primary fears manifest as things such as procrastination, perfectionism, arrogance, stubbornness, self-deprecation, obsessive behaviors, greed and more. The Fear Releasing Method™ Healing Meditations not only help you minimize feelings of fear and worry, they also help you transform limiting attitudes and behaviors into empowering attitudes and behaviors. You can end perfectionism but still keep your high standards! You can stop being self-deprecating but still be humble. You can stop obsessing but still be in control.

There is a separate healing meditation for each of the 7 primary fears.

If you’re not sure what your primary fear is, don’t worry. The Fear Releasing Method™ Healing Meditations come with a pdf guide and a BONUS 39-minute audio to help you identify your primary fear.

What’s the best way to use the Fear Releasing Method™ Healing Meditations?

There are several ways you can use the Healing Meditations, and the best way is the one that works best for YOU. One thing is for sure: do not use the Healing Meditations while driving or operating any kind of machinery. You need to listen in a time and place where you won’t be disturbed. I’ll be asking you to use several hand positions during the Healing Meditations, so you’ll want to be somewhere you’re really comfortable.

You may use any of the meditations, regardless of your primary fear, though you will receive the greatest benefit from identifying your top primary fear and using it daily.

When you purchase the Fear Releasing Method™ Healing Meditations, you will receive suggestions on different ways to use the meditations.