How to Meet Your Spirit Animal

Kelly EckertSpirit Animals

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How you find your spirit animal will depend on what you want from it. If you want to meet your life spirit animal or a long-term messenger spirit animal who’s here to help you with a particular problem or situation, you’ve got two main, reliable options.

  1. You can do a meditation/journey to meet your spirit animal, or
  2. You can get a shamanic practitioner to journey on your behalf to meet your spirit animal

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These are the two best and most reliable ways to meet your spirit animal.

If you have a specific question, need a new perspective and don’t necessarily need the answer to come from your life spirit animal, then you have a other options.

Intuitively spit out or dance your spirit animal

Get out of your head and into your body. Don’t think about it. Then let the essence of your spirit animal come forward. Speak its name or dance it when you feel it.

Look for Patterns

This can take several days. Sincerely ask your spirit animal to make itself known to you—in signs that you get and understand. Set the intention that you will notice signs from your spirit animal. Then go about your business. Pay attention to physical animals, images of animals, names of animals, people who look like animals, dreams of animals, anything that anything to do with animals. Make note of all of it—anything that grabs you. Your If you get 4 signs of the same animal, then that may be your spirit animal.

Use a deck of spirit animal cards

This is not reliable for meeting your life spirit animal because it’s possible that your life spirit animal is not included in that deck of cards. Many decks contain only 44 or 52 cards and are often limited to North American animals. What if you have Lion or Penguin as your spirit animal? But, if you want information on a current situation or problem, if you want a message-of-the-day from an animal, and if you have specific questions that would be best answered by several spirit animals, then a deck of spirit animal cards is awesome.

Shuffle the deck and ask a specific question. You can pick one card for a quick answer or three cards for a more complete answer. The three cards can be the nature of the problem, what led to the problem, and how to solve the problem. I use this process often for myself and for clients and get awesome results.