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Kelly Eckert is a seasoned speaker and facilitator who has presented keynotes, workshops, live coaching sessions and guest sermons on subjects that provoke self-introspection and help listeners harness their personal power, improve performance and conquer fear. Kelly frequently appears as a speaker, moderator, panelist and more both in the Pittsburgh region where she lives and at events across the county and around the world. Her stunning presence is matched by the rich content of her message, which always leaves her audience feeling empowered.

Kelly can speak at your event in a number of ways:

  • Keynote speeches
  • Conference workshops
  • Training and development
  • Online tele-seminars and podcasts
  • Special events
  • Corporate, leadership and organizational retreats
  • Events specific to your needs
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Signature Talks

Get the Fear Out of Here

Do you struggle with procrastination, perfectionism or control issues? Do you keep asking yourself why you’re stuck, but can’t seem to get unstuck? You’re not lazy or a “control freak” (as if there’s anything wrong with being that!). You’re being sabotaged by fear.

In this presentation or interactive workshop, you will learn how unconscious fear is holding you back. Your fear likely isn’t what you think it is. It’s easy to blame inertia on “fear of failure” or “fear of success.” But these are just trigger fears that obscure the real fear—your primary fear.

There are 7 Primary Fears, and they express themselves in ways you don’t normally associate with fear: arrogance, shyness, self-deprecation, stubbornness, restlessness, greed, victimization, martyrdom, procrastination, perfectionism, and more. Once you know your primary fear, you will recognize it for what it is whenever it starts to sneak in and derail you.

You will learn:

  • the 7 primary fears
  • what your primary fear is
  • a 3-step process for releasing your fear in any situation

Unleash the Animal Within

An epidemic of feeling unfulfilled, lost, and rudderless seems to have run amok in today’s modern society. We worry that our lives have little meaning, and throw massive time and money into stuffing the void. Eco-psychologists say that one reason for this emptiness is our disconnection from nature. Shamanism, furthermore, teaches that it’s a result of being detached from our own personal power.

In this presentation, you will learn a practical bio-spiritual process for reconnecting with both the natural world and your personal power—even when you can’t venture into nature. It includes a guided meditation, through which you will meet your power animal. After, you will learn to interpret the meanings of you power animal and harness its gifts and messages—for both personal and professional development.

Coaching With Animal Archetypes

This presentation or interactive workshop is specifically for coaches, consultants, therapists or team facilitators—anyone who uses ICF-style coaching to assist individuals or groups with personal and professional development. Learn an innovative—and customizable—coaching tool, inspired by shamanic practices, for coaching individuals, groups and high-performing teams.

Have you become too comfortable—or even bored—with your usual powerful questions? Are clients anticipating the 5,000-foot meta-view off the bat? Would you like a new approach to creating awareness that goes beyond the “you’re not good enough” refrain of the inner critic?

Coaching with animal archetypes gives you ready access to profound metaphors that will resonate deeply with your client in a grounded yet inspiring way. This coaching technique will radically elevate both you and your client’s perspective—no hot air balloon or express elevator required. It’s fun, practical and effective.

You will learn how to tune into the animal archetype currently alive for your client and harness its intuitive power to:

  • ask the right powerful questions at the right time,
  • uncover the real limiting beliefs of the inner critic, and
  • effectively shift your client’s perspective based on their current situation and mindset

Upcoming Events

“Freedom and Responsibility”

May 14th at 10:30a EDT
Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church (416 W North Ave, Pittsburgh, PA)— Mother’s Day Sermon

As a mother, is it possible to have freedom while maintaining your parental responsibilities? How can you foster both freedom and responsibility in your children? As humans, we have an inherent need for freedom. How can we reclaim that need without abdicating our responsibilities—without judging ourselves or feeling judged by others?

These questions were the springboard for my “Dotted Lines” solo art show in 2003. Now, 14 years later, with my daughters in their 20s and my son just 10 years old, I have a different and evolving perspective on freedom and responsibility—gained from hard-worn experience, a few scars, moments of bliss, and not just a bit of anguish.

Join me for a light “sermon” and enlightening conversation afterward.

Past Events

“Reclaim Your Lost Power: Forge a New Relationship with Your Shadow Animal” workshop

March 2017, Sacred Space Conference — Baltimore, MD

“Discover Your Path of Power” talk

October 2016, Gifted (Baeth Davis event) — Phoenix, AZ

“Discover Your Path of Power” workshop

October 2016, Journeys of Life — Pittsburgh, PA

“I Want to Write with Quiet Hands” Mother’s Day Sermon

May 2016, Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church — Pittsburgh, PA

“Meet Your Spirit Animal” workshop

March 2016, Journeys of Life — Pittsburgh, PA

“Meet Your Spirit Animal” workshop

October 2014, Spirit Fair — Pittsburgh, PA

“Coaching with Animal Archetypes: A Shamanic Application for Facilitating Groups and High-Performing Teams” breakout session

November 2014, ICF Global Conference Latin America — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Unleash the Animal Within: A Radical Approach of Metaview, Awareness and Powerful Questions” breakout session

June 2014, ICF Global Midwest Conference — Cleveland, OH

“Get the Fear Out of Here” workshop

May 2014, Women’s Leadership Series for Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores — Cleveland, OH

“Unleash the Animal Within: Harness the Power of Your Personal Animal Archetype” breakout session

April 2014, Keys to Living Expo — Pittsburgh, PA

“Get the Fear Out of Here” workshop

November 2014, Pittsburgh Professional Women — Pittsburgh, PA

“Get the Fear Out of Here” breakout session

June 2013, Inspired Women’s Conference — Wexford, PA

Live coaching demonstration

June 2013, ICF Pittsburgh “Coaching Works” — Pittsburgh, PA

“Getting what you want—with nonviolent communication” breakout session

April 2012, The Future is Mine Student Leadership Conference — Pittsburgh, PA

“Purpose” guest sermon

December 2011, Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church — Pittsburgh, PA

Keynote speech

April 2011, The Future is Mine Student Leadership Conference — Pittsburgh, PA

Goal setting workshop

April 2011, Girls in Science Initiative — McKeesport, PA