Spirit Animal Lynx

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GIFTS: Supernatural eyesight. Keeper of secrets. Revealer of Truth. Deep intuition. Claiming what is yours. Clairaudience.

CHALLENGES: Overwhelm from what you see and hear. Restless pursuit of Truth, dissatisfaction with here/now.

spirit animal lynx

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Lynx is the seer, the Keeper of Secrets, the Revealer of Truth. Lynx is known throughout history and mythology as a creature of mystery and magic, a possessor of supernatural eyesight and magical hearing. Lynx offers the gifts of deep intuition through clairvoyance and clairaudience—clear seeing and clear hearing. Notice Lynx’s tall, tufted ears—like little satellite dishes, open to receiving even the subtlest of transmissions.

With Lynx gifts, you can access deeper mysteries and truths through your intuition. Lynx has been said to possess the power to see through solid objects. Nothing can block you from seeing and revealing the Truth—when you really want to. No façade, no lie, no walls of defense, no veil of illusion can stop Lynx from seeing.

This seeing is not merely passively observing. Lynx teaches unraveling and revealing truth—and then using what you’ve learned for your own evolution and the evolution of others, those with the courage to evolve. This doesn’t mean sharing secrets that are not yours to tell. Think of how quiet Lynx is, padding its way silently over the snow. The truth that Lynx reveals are world truths and universal truths that belong to everyone, not others’ personal truths in a way that removes their own right to choose.

Galileo Galilei belonged to the Academia dei Lincei (“Academy of Lynxes”), whose name was inspired by a cover of Magia Naturalis which read: “. . . With lynx-like eyes, examining those things which manifest themselves, so that having observed them, he may zealously use them.” Imagine the secrets of the universe that Galileo unraveled and revealed. Yes, his ideas were rejected by many at that time, and he was accused of heresy by the church. His story illustrates a risk of working with Lynx: Having the truth you reveal be rejected and you yourself being shunned or silenced. How strong is your commitment to the truth? Can you live with yourself if you refuse your gifts of sight or revelation?

My own experience with Lynx—in spirit and in person—reveals messages about exploration and thorough observation. Lynx does not sit back and wait for truth to come to it. Lynx pursues truth, exploring all corners, under every rock and inside every log, until Truth is found. Lynx is not happy sitting by passively. It thrives on the pursuit.

Lynx further teaches claiming what you want and marking it as your own. This can appear to others as arrogance or false power. “Who are you to claim what you want? What right do you have to this?” Lynx models true personal power that is not afraid to own its gifts and its passion. Claiming and marking may be done quietly. But they must be done. Power comes from knowing Truth and owning your personal truth, no matter what.