Owl: Wisdom and Truth

Programs & Courses

Journey: Step Into Your Untamed Nature

Spirit Animal OuroborosEmbrace your beautiful spirit and learn to trust your animal nature. In these monthly audio/visual webinars, you will feel the power as Kelly leads you through a journey via the spoken word and drumming. She will set a broad intention for the group and suggest that you create your own, as well.

Begin your journey then go deeper into it through drumming or dance; or just melt into the spoken guidance and be taken by the experience. (You will not be visible on the webinar so feel free to let loose and express your untamed nature.)

If you can’t make the webinar when it’s live, that’s okay. You’ll still be included energetically and have access to the recording so you can experience it when it’s most convenient for you. Feel free to purchase singularly or join in monthly whenever you wish.

Please note: Registration for the webinars does not include private 1:1 time with Kelly.

Surrender: Release Your Fear & Discover Your Path

Spirit Animal CougarThis 8-week program will give you a boost on getting your power back.

  • Discover Your Path of Power — identify whether you are a Messenger, Warrior, Creator, or Scholar and how to make it uniquely yours.
  • Face Your Fear — identify the fear that keeps you from your power and learn how to release it.
  • Embrace Your Power — meet a power animal (or two) that is here to guide and support you right now.
  • Learn to hold onto and express your power in the everyday world.

Reclaiming your power in the “safe space” of a class is the easy part. Keeping it up in the “real world” is the real trick. And I’m going to give you the tools to do just that.

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Metamorphosis: Shape/Shift Your Life

Shamanic coaching, training, & mentorship

“The effect that Kelly’s program had on me was profound and magical. I was deeply affected by the knowledge of having a spiritual connection with a soul that wants only the highest and best for me. Being able to interact with like-minded women was an extra bonus.”

Spirit Animal RavenFree your spirit and find your wings! This yearlong shamanic training and mentorship program covers the basic elements of shamanic practices and coaching and includes Kelly’s proprietary tools, Coaching with Animal Archetypes and Fear Releasing Method.

Taught in small groups with personal instruction and mentoring, you will learn essential shamanic practices—such as journeying, working with upper and lower world guides, and soul retrieval—basic coaching techniques, and bio-spiritual tools, such as body awareness, essential oils, meditations, and eco-psychology practices to empower yourself and your clients to toward healing.

Begins September 2017.

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