Restoring Lost Power

Kelly EckertLife, Spirit Animals Comments

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Restoring lost power—your personal power (not your electricity or charging your iPhone)—is a matter is reconnecting with who you really are, your soul-level gifts, your passions, your desires, the core of what makes you You.

In core shamanic practices, this is known as “soul loss,” when you lose connect with an essential part of who you are. A shamanic practitioner can do a soul retrieval to reconnect you to that essential part of you.

Here I list a few ways that you can work on that reconnection yourself. It’s not that you are broken and have pieces of yourself floating around separate from you. It’s that you feel separate from parts of yourself. Most often, you have (unconsciously) rejected these parts of yourself. (Don’t worry; it’s not just you. It’s all of us. You can read about how I rejected part of myself here.) Restoring lost power requires reconnecting with and accepting/integrating those previously rejected parts of yourself.

Are you ready? Read on for preliminary suggestions. This is not easy work, so these really are just some getting-started ideas.

The symptoms:

  • You feel somehow lost and unsure of yourself
  • You feel disconnected from who you used to be
  • You remember living your purpose at one time but can’t seem to get it back now

The problem:

You’ve lost a chunk of your personal power.

In shamanic practices, power loss can result in physical ailments, feeling sluggish, an existential crisis, feeling unfulfilled and discontent, confusion, self-doubt, fear, and difficulty making decisions.

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Power loss is a normal occurrence in the sense that it happens to everyone at some point. But “normal” in this case does not mean that we are supposed to just keep living with this power loss.

Those symptoms are telling you that you need to restore your lost power.

A few things you can do on your own to start to restore your lost power and start living on-purpose, at-peace, and in-flow include:

  • Work with your power animals—every single day. If you don’t know who yours are, do a shamanic journey, guided visualization, meditation to meet your power animal(s). Remember that its gifts are your gifts. Accept them and start to use them as your own.
  • Use animal oracle cards to get insight into the power/gifts you need every day. Pull a card at the beginning of every day with the intention of getting insight into the power/gifts you need for that day. Then consciously use those gifts whenever you can throughout the day.
  • Look for patterns in your daily life that speak to your deeper power and higher purpose. For example, do you keep introducing other people who end up in personal or business relationships with each other? You might have power as a matchmaker. Do you come up with ideas easily for yourself and other people that help solve problems? You might have power as a brainstormed or problem-solver. Do you seem to know how other people are feeling even when they’re not saying anything? You might have power as an empath.

Whatever your power and however you discern it, you’ve got to make sure that you are using it every day. Can you take a break here and there? Of course! The key is not to reject your power, not to ignore it, not to deny it, and not to question it or your deserving of it.