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The Book

“This book is such a gift—so eye-opening!”
What’s Your Spirit Animal?

What if you had a trusted guide to call upon at will that could help you overcome obstacles, make sound decisions and achieve your goals? Imagine receiving immediate insight into your truest self and deepest desires from a constant, unbiased companion that inspires you to freely be who you are. What’s Your Spirit Animal? details 88 spirit animals and their attributes. Their natural wisdom will give you a window into the wild genius of your own soul. The author weaves blends biology, coaching methodology and shamanic practices into a practical guide for spiritual growth, personal success and overall wellbeing.

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The Cards

“This deck is an absolute must-have. I can’t say enough about how beautiful it is. AMAZING price, too.”
What’s Your Spirit Animal? Oracle Cards

The What’s Your Spirit Animal? 88 Animal Oracle Cards deck is a companion to the book and a tool in the Coaching with Animal Archetypes™ system. Discover which spirit animals represent your strengths, talents, perspectives, desires and even your challenges. Connect with and learn about the animal archetypes to rekindle your passion, make better decisions and reclaim your personal power. Gorgeously illustrated by Asha Raval and Juliana Stoy of Animal Spirit Design, these cards come with a 25-page PDF instruction guide for using them plus another PDF guide on the archetypal gifts and challenges of each of the 88 spirit animals.

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The Videos

“Straightforward and easy-to-understand teaching from an outstandingly talented presenter.”
Divining Wisdom: Using Animal Oracle Cards to Get Deep Insight About Who You Are and Where You’re Going

Accessing one’s intuition can be achieved through numerous tools. One such way is through divination using a deck of oracle or other types of cards. This process can be especially powerful when combined with the wisdom of nature. Animal Oracle Cards let the animals speak. The result is a deep, unceasing connection to your soul, where all answers reside. This video will help you become adept at using animal oracle cards to tap insight into any question or situation. It also presents several unique card spreads. Read more….


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The Meditations

“Kelly’s guided meditations have helped me during sticking points in life, when I just wasn’t sure how to proceed or where to go.”

If you’re like most people, you probably aren’t aware of how much underlying fear really affects you. But you probably are aware of when you procrastinate, hide out, avoid certain situations or act out for attention. All of these behaviors are ways that fear expresses itself. Being aware of how fear shows up in your life is the first essential step to releasing it. The next (even more profound) step is to release the fear—mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Each meditation in the Fear Releasing Method™ Healing Meditations is based on one of the 7 primary fears. Each meditation works on an energetic level to facilitate the release of fear at a core level. In just 20 minutes a day, you will experience an immediate and lasting release of tension, worry and stress. Each day that you listen to a meditation magnifies and deepens this release. Regular use of these meditations will result in a greater sense of self, more ease and peace, and an increase in focus and creativity. Read more….


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