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Maybe before I ask you, “What’s your spirit animal,” I should ask, “What *is* a spirit animal and why should you care?” If you’re looking for some spirit animal basic information, you’ve found it.

A spirit animal is an animal archetype that has chosen to share with you its gifts, its lessons and its messages. It is with you in spirit, not necessarily in physicality. You may actually see or encounter your spirit animal in physicality as your spirit animal reminds you of its presence or passes a message on to you. But it is quite possible and common to have a spirit animal that you have no chance of ever seeing in person—or at least not live in-person.

So, why should you care about your spirit animal?

You spirit animal has messages and gifts that will help you in every aspect of your life. By “gifts” I mean the natural strengths and abilities of your spirit animal. For example, Lion has the gifts of presence and strategy. Buffalo has the gifts of generosity and abundance. Deer has the gifts of innocence and simplicity. You get to borrow those. Isn’t that awesome?

In addition to these natural gifts, your spirit animal shares messages that are specific to you. Your spirit animal can tell you when it’s time to get out of a relationship or change jobs or keep doing what you’re doing. It can help you overcome procrastination and stage fright. It can help you increase your confidence and your sense of fulfillment. Your spirit animal can give you messages about your parenting and about your business. And your spirit animal can help you release fear so you can live on-purpose, at-peace and in-flow.

One of my students was dealing with a situation recently in which he was feeling perpetually embarrassed. When he engaged his spirit animal Bear, he quickly found a way to stand his own power and let go of his embarrassment.

Another student was feeling out of sorts and overwhelmed by being pulled in too many different directions in her business. She got back in touch with her spirit animal Lion who helped her both focus and relax. With Lion’s help, she quickly got out of overwhelm and got back on track.

So, what is YOUR spirit animal?

You have a life spirit animal who is with you always. You can meditate or journey to find out who your life spirit animal is.

You also have messenger spirit animals who come and go over the course of your life. They are here temporarily when you are in need of their particular gifts. You can also meditate or journey to discover who your messenger spirit animal is.

On a day-to-day basis, you may even pick the spirit animal you want to work with that day. This spirit animal that *you* call in is not always with you. You are borrowing its gifts as needed.

Your spirit animal can help you in any area of your life—relationships, career, parenting, moving, illness, depression, creativity, even building a business.

88 of the animals listed below have a corresponding animal oracle card. They are the ones marked with an asterisk*.

List of Spirit Animals

*88 of the animals listed below have a corresponding animal oracle card. They are the ones marked with an asterisk*.