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Want to find your spirit animal? Can spirit animal quizzes help?

If you are on Facebook, you’ve probably seen and taken at least one quiz to discover your spirit animal. I’ve come across a bunch of them. People excitedly send me links to them all the time.

I love that those are popular quizzes because it tells me that people really do want to find out who their spirit animal is. And I totally get wanting a quick and easy way to meet your spirit animal. I’ve taken a few of the quizzes. They really are fun.

Unfortunately, I have bad news about those quizzes: Your chances of finding out your true spirit animal through those quizzes are slim to none.

Essentially, these quizzes are just personality quizzes under the guise of spirit animals. The quizzes give you insight into your personality through the lens of animal archetypes.

How many possible spirit animal results could they have? Based on my experiences with the quizzes, I’d guess they have anywhere from 5 to 12 possible animals (16 if they base it on Myers-Briggs types). Think about that. Five to 12 or 16 possible spirit animals out of the hundreds and hundred (thousands, actually!) of possible animals out there.

The animal you end up with *feels* right because the description of it is based on the way you answered the questions. Just like when you take a quiz for which Harry Potter character you are, or what song from the 1980s represents your life, or which Jane Austen heroine you would be.

There is some chance—random chance, really—that the animal you get in a spirit animal quiz will actually be your true spirit animal. I mean, they’d have to get it right once in a while. And when the makers of the quiz pick “common,” “expected,” or “popular” spirit animals—such as Bear, Eagle, Wolf, Owl, or Snake—you have a better chance of getting your actual spirit animal. Otherwise, it’s kind of like the infinite monkey theorem which states that a monkey banging random keys on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time would end up writing one of Shakespeare’s plays. In other words? Not very likely!

So, go ahead and take spirit animal quizzes all you want. Yes, they’re fun. And, yes, you end up with a cute picture of some beautiful animal you can share with your Facebook friends.

But if you really, sincerely want to find out who your spirit animal is, the quizzes are a waste of time.

What can you do to find your real spirit animal?

spirit animal wolfThe best way to find out your spirit animal is to do a guided journey to meet your spirit animal—or spirit animals plural. You can attend a drumming circle, listen to a recording of shamanic drumming, attend a workshop, or get a recording or a voice-guided journey. (I do guided journeys by voice.)

The second best way to find out your spirit animal is to get a shamanic coach or practitioner to do a journey on your behalf to meet or retrieve your spirit animal. Personally, I still recommend doing the journey on your own even after a shamanic practitioner does it for you. It’s good to confirm for yourself *and* to strengthen the connection with your spirit animal(s).

The third best way to discover your spirit animal is to look for signs of it in your daily life. What animal messages do you keep seeing? What animal do you (irrationally) hate?

You can also use a deck of animal oracle cards, but remember that they are limited by the number of animals in the deck. Most animal decks have 44 – 52 cards in them. I created a deck with 88 animals. But even my deck left out many, many possible animals. I use my deck for getting insight into current gifts and messages. To find out your lifetime or long-term power animal, you really need to do a journey or have a shamanic practitioner do a journey for you.

I can hear you saying, “Ugh, too long, not gonna do it.” I get it. It’s not as quick or as sharable as an online quiz. But ask yourself:

Do you want something cute and quick to share? Or do you want the truth?

Do you want a moment of fun, or a lifetime of power?

Why not both?

Go ahead and take the quizzes. But meet your real spirit animal, too.

***If you want a quick-and-dirty, trust-your-gut way, click here for my version of a “choose your own spirit animal adventure” intuitive “quiz.”