Goals Are for Chumps


How to Get What You Really Want

Okay, goals aren’t really for chumps. But the title got your attention, didn’t it?

When most of us set a goal, we usually set a big goal, such as: 

  • I’m going to lose 20 pounds
  • I’m want to find a new love interest
  • I’m going to get a raise
  • I want to get a new job
  • I’ll run a marathon next year
  • I’m going to finally write that book

Sometimes we have a goal of “I just want to be happy.”

There’s nothing inherently wrong with these goals. They can be motivating—to some people.

But for most people, they aren’t really motivating. Most people fail at their goals. Most people give up on their goals before giving themselves at real chance at success. And most people believe that they can’t be happy until after they’ve achieved their goals.

Why is that?

The problem with goals is that they’re backward.

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