Work with Kelly 1:1 to reclaim your Wild Self, or join her upcoming 9-month Metamorphosis group program to shape/shift your life.

Untamed: Answer the Call of YOur Wild Self

I have found that the only way to weather the struggles of my life—the daily struggles of “little-l” life and the devastating struggles of “big-L” life—is to answer the call of you wild self. When you are worried, when you are anxious, when you are wavering and afraid, your wild self is rooted and grounded. Your wild self knows the yearnings of your soul and reminds you who you are and how you want to live.

You make better decisions. You have better relationships. You stay more connected to yourself and others.

I want to help you answer the call of your wild self.

I want to help you claim the deepest yearnings of your soul.

Metamorphosis: Shape/shift your life

In Metamorphosis: Shape / Shift Your Life, I’ll guide you through processes that I’ve used for myself and my clients to transform from hiding who we are to expressing fully who we are. You’ll learn how to reject other people’s expectations of you and how to answer the call of your own Wild Self.

I’ll teach you bio-spiritual tools, including shamanic practices, that you can use on yourself and/or on your own clients, if you so choose, to facilitate your own growth and expression—within and beyond this program.

Metamorphosis: Shape / Shift Your Life isn’t about just what you do during these 9 months. It’s about what you do with the rest of your life.