What's Your Spirit Animal? A Guide to Uncovering Your Gifts, Overcoming Challenges, and Claiming Your Personal Power 

What if you had a trusted guide to call upon at will that could help you overcome obstacles, make sound decisions and achieve your goals? Imagine receiving immediate insight into your truest self and deepest desires from a constant, unbiased companion that inspires you to freely be who you are.

It’s time to meet your spirit animals—your window into the wild genius of your own soul. Spirit animals represent your strengths, your gifts and your true potential. They reflect your work style, your leadership style, and your problem-solving style. 

What’s Your Spirit Animal? details 88 spirit animals and their attributes. Their natural wisdom can reveal your perceived road blocks, ways to get around them and, ultimately, how to live the life you really want, on our own terms. The author weaves blends biology, coaching methodology and shamanic practices into a practical guide for spiritual growth, personal success and overall wellbeing.

What's Your Spirit Animal Oracle Cards

What’s Your Spirit Animal? 88 Animal Oracle Cards deck is a companion to the book. Discover which spirit animals represent your strengths, talents, perspectives, desires and even your challenges. Connect with and learn about the animal archetypes that symbolize your work style, leadership style and unique personality. The animal world’s natural wisdom can help you rekindle your passion, make better decisions and reclaim your personal power. 

Gorgeously illustrated by Asha Raval and Juliana Stoy of Animal Spirit Design, these cards come with a 25-page PDF instruction guide for using them plus another PDF guide on the archetypal gifts and challenges of each of the 88 spirit animals.

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