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Kelly Eckert is a seasoned speaker and facilitator who has presented keynotes, workshops, live coaching sessions and guest sermons on subjects that provoke self-introspection and help listeners harness their personal power, improve performance and conquer fear. Kelly frequently appears as a speaker, moderator, panelist and more both in the Pittsburgh region where she lives and at events across the county and around the world. Her stunning presence is matched by the rich content of her message, which always leaves her audience feeling empowered.

“Kelly makes it easy to understand how we can get to know ourselves better and act with confidence and purpose in our personal and professional lives.”
— event participant

Kelly can speak at your event in a number of ways: 

  • Keynote speeches 
  • Conference workshops 
  • Training and development 
  • Online tele-seminars and podcasts 
  • Special events 
  • Corporate, leadership and organizational retreats 
  • Events specific to your needs




Get the Fear Out of Here: Overcoming Resistance to Change

Resistance to change is one of the biggest problems companies face. And yet without change, companies cannot grow. Employees tend to resist change out of a fear of the uncertainty of what change may mean, while others push for change out of a fear of missing out. This fear is unconscious and often doesn’t look like fear. It may look like procrastination, arrogance, impatience, or even “I’m not good enough.” However it manifests, whether it stifles change or ushers it in too quickly, fear creates obstacles to a company’s desired growth.

In this interactive presentation, Kelly shows participants how change sparks their own subconscious reaction to change. She demonstrates different ways fear shows up and creates obstacles to change. And she teaches participants a simple, fun 3-step technique to overcome fear of change. Participants will practice this technique during the presentation so they are ready to use it as needed.

The outcome of the presentation will be lowered resistance to change, a calming of pressure to change too quickly, and a technique that the company can employ when resistance and pressure show up again.


  • Lunch and learn
  • Breakout session
  • In-house training
  • Conference workshop
  • Corporate, leadership, or organizational retreat

Unleash the Animal Within: Building Better Teams, Increasing Productivity, and Improving Employees Satisfaction

What do you do when employees butt heads, teams falter, or an employees no longer seems a perfect fit for their position? You may already use popular personality tests, such as Myers-Briggs or DiSC. But have you tried something more fun that both gives you deep insight into your employees’ strengths and weaknesses and gives your employees a concrete way to relate to each other?

Animal archetypes allow your employees to identify with an animal that affirms strengths and weaknesses they may have forgotten they have. Animal archetypes show you and them who is more of a visionary, who is more of a leader, who is more of a problem solver, who is more resistant to change. Animal archetypes are a fun way for employees to know themselves better and to understand the strengths their coworkers bring to the table.

For example, “I’m an eagle, and I can see the big picture, but I’m not so good at articulating the big picture.” “I’m a gazelle, and I’m good at rallying the troops, but it’s hard for me to see the big picture.” “I’m a mountain goat, and I’m good at overcoming an obstacle, but I might resist change.” “I’m a monkey, and I’m good at solving problems, and I might like to socialize a lot.”

In this interactive presentation, Kelly guides participants to pick their inner animal. She teaches them how to harness their strengths and mitigate their own weaknesses. She demonstrates how to have fun relating to their animal archetype and how knowing their coworkers’ animal archetype can make for better relationships and better teams. Participants will practice applying their archetypal strengths and weaknesses to their own jobs and to their interactions with coworkers.

The outcome of this presentation will be better teamwork by understanding how to work with each team member’s animal archetype; improved productivity by better use of one’s strengths and mitigating one’s own weaknesses; and increasing job satisfaction by knowing how to use this fun tool in their day-to-day work environment. The company will have a fun and effective tool to facilitate a better understanding of their employees and employee relationships.


  • Team-building activity or retreat
  • Lunch and learn
  • Network after work mini-session
  • Breakout session
  • In-house training
  • Conference workshop
  • Corporate, leadership, or organizational retreat

Coaching With Animal Archetypes

This presentation or interactive workshop is specifically for coaches, consultants, therapists or team facilitators—anyone who uses ICF-style coaching to assist individuals or groups with personal and professional development. Learn an innovative—and customizable—coaching tool, inspired by shamanic practices, for coaching individuals, groups and high-performing teams.

Have you become too comfortable—or even bored—with your usual powerful questions? Are clients anticipating the 5,000-foot meta-view off the bat? Would you like a new approach to creating awareness that goes beyond the “you’re not good enough” refrain of the inner critic?

Coaching with animal archetypes gives you ready access to profound metaphors that will resonate deeply with your client in a grounded yet inspiring way. This coaching technique will radically elevate both you and your client’s perspective—no hot air balloon or express elevator required. It’s fun, practical and effective.

You will learn how to tune into the animal archetype currently alive for your client and harness its intuitive power to:

  • ask the right powerful questions at the right time
  • uncover the real limiting beliefs of the inner critic
  • effectively shift your client’s perspective based on their current situation and mindset


  • Coaching conference
  • Coaching retreat
  • In-house facilitator or coach training
  • Instructor training
  • Private coaching instruction
  • Keynote presentation
  • Breakout session


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  • Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, Women's Leadership Series Workshop, Cleveland, OH — "Get the Fear Out of Here"
  • ICF Global Conference Latin America, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — "Coaching with Animal Archetypes: A Shamanic Application for Facilitating Groups and High Performing Teams"
  • Pittsburgh Professional Women workshop, Pittsburgh, PA — "Get the Fear Out of Here"
  • ICF Global Midwest Conference, Cleveland, OH — "Unleash the Animal Within: A Radical Perspective of Metaview, Awareness, and Powerful Questions"
  • ICF-Pittsburgh "Coaching Works," Pittsburgh, PA — live coaching demonstration
  • Keys to Living Expo, Breakout Session, Pittsburgh, PA — "Unleash the Animal Within: Harness the Power of Your Personal Animal Archetype"
  • Inspired Women Conference, breakout session, Wexford, PA — "Get the Fear Out of Here"
  • Student Leadership Conference, Pittsburgh, PA — Keynote Speaker
  • Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church, annual Mother's Day Sermon guest speaker



Kelly Eckert's book is a concise, clear guide to getting to know and understand your spirit animals. She has really brought together the information on understanding how animals work in your life, and getting to know them intimately.

— Amazon reviewer